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By: mohd zulfadhly luey

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Now Moving to ...


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Angah's Wedding

gettin ready to jen jen jeeenng !!
si kenit yg serba sibuk
photo with aunties n hantu kecik
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Me n leanne did some photo shooting for my sis's nye aqad niqah .. we all target for the outcome to be 'something' like Saiful Nang, cuz that's what Angah sibuk sgt nak. Haey' we're all still newbie, baru blajar cemane nak jalan kaki la daey !?! Me did video, Leanne did photo. The outcome wasn't so bad after all ! hehe .. did some editing, so here's some of em .. peace !

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___Picnic at Botanic Garden___

arrival.wide view
ayah kalu tadek paper,tak sah
angah.enjoying the view
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Date : 18th December 2004

kakpuzi punye la semangat nak pi Botanic Garden, so i suggested that we have a simple picnic there .. it was kewl ! except for the irritating lalats .. ergh !! but other then that, it was very nice .. after makan2 skit, me, angah, along n kakpuzi head to Botanic Garden, yes .. the REAL Botanic Garden .. where all the nice, colorfull flowers were planted .. wakakkaka .. take a look .. hehehe .. daaa !!

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___4th day in Melbourne___

kat depan city mosque
lepak kat garden.sape ntah shoot
lepak lagi
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ok .. first of all .. this pix was taken on 17th dec .. since fotopages wont let us change the date, so i had to create a new entry on this 22nd .. ak ak ak .. tipu giler ..

my fav pic .. ehehe

ok .. erm .. that day we all went to the melbournes city mosque .. pi smayang jumaat ..

then later after that, we go lepak2 kat garden sebelah tuh .. layan gak .. ekkkeke

then pi shopping groceries kat safeway swanston st ..

erm .. tu jek kot ? keekkekekeke

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